Bible study and theologigal discussion groups

Wednesday Bible Study Group

We meet every Wednesday morning at 10:45 am in the chapel next to the office. We first say Morning Prayer together followed by Bible Study. The readings we reflect on each week are the texts of the following Sunday. Often there will be reflection on what has been said in the Bible Study in the Sunday sermon. So if you would like to work with the preacher and also reflect more deeply on the Sunday readings, this is the place for you. Open to all!

Friday Evening Bible Study Group

This bible study group meets every other week at the home of one of the participants. The readings we use are usually three chapters of a certain given book of the Bible. Over the years we have covered much of the Bible. We are about to begin reading the book of Deuteronomy, so it would be a perfect time to start. After having food for thought we share food for the body. We join in sharing a meal offered by the host of the day. You will get to know a lot of different cooking styles and also a lot of different people that participate in this lively group. Open to all!

Women’s Group

We meet monthly on the third Friday from 10:30 to 12:00 to talk about various themes ranging from Mary Magdalene to our summer holidays. Occasionally we meet for retreats, a visit to a museum or another event.

All women welcome!

Sunday Forums

Our Sunday Forums are not on a regular basis and are announced in church as well as in our calendar and IKON. They cover themes of current interest or themes of a wider interest to our life together. We have had forums on Liturgical Language and most recently on the General Convention held this year in Columbus, OH, which is the highest body of the Episcopal Church we belong to. Contact us for more informations.

Education for Ministry (EFM)

Description: The Education for Ministry (EFM) program is a 4 year course of theological education, primarily for lay people. The intention is that all lay people should have access to the same education that has normally been the preserve of the clergy. We gather at the library in our church building on Thursdays from 7 - 9:30 pm to discuss bible readings and talk about God in our lives. If you would like more information about EFM you can visit:

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